Use OneTab™ Glass Cleaner on windows and mirrors to cut through tough residue and dirt film, leaving your surfaces clean, clear & streak-free. Formulated using a unique blend of organic acid, malic fruit acid, anionic soaps, organic oil fragrance and blue food colouring.

Helping the environment is easy! Just DROP, FILL & SHAKE!

All you need is a clean empty bottle, drop-in the OneTab™, fill the bottle with warm water and shake! Use the label provided on the back of the card to safely identify your re-purposed bottles and together we can start to clean our way to a cleaner environment.

Available in eco-friendly, fully biodegradable formulas to economically clean and disinfect every room in your household. OneTab™ refills are fully dissolvable concentrated cleaning tabs available in different colors, each color specific to their household application allowing you to effectively differentiate each cleaner.