Rethink Bioclean is offering a wholesale program

Do you want to make a positive environmental impact by offering liquid re-fill options for your customers? Or, are you interested in more information on how you could obtain a liquid vending machine for your premises?

We have great solutions for you.

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Get ready to grow your business, increase profits, and reduce your environmental footprint by becoming a distributor of ReThink Bioclean products! It’s as simple as filling out our ReThink BioClean Distribution Application form and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

Why Become a Registered ReThink BioClean Distributor?

Reduce Environmental Footprint – We reduce the use of single-use plastics with our refillery model.

High-Performance Products – Our products are tested by our team curated for your use.

Exclusivity – Gain exclusive rights for your industry and territory.

Higher Service Volume – Serve more customers with easy access to products.

Expand Your Product Line – Access to our expansive product line means your business can grow faster than your competitors.

Increase Sales Leads – We monitor your territory and when we receive inquiries from your area, we pass them to you.

Receive Training – Learn from our on the ground experts with training on sales, products, and business development strategies.

Cost-Effective Shipping – Our rates on freight are always cost-effective from best prices to implementing a refill model.

Get Special Pricing – our registered distribution partners receive exclusive rates to maximize your competitive edge.

Business Strategy – From business and sales planning to ideas to maximize your edge, we will help you develop a more competitive model.

Support and Commitment – We extend our commitment to your business with technical support right down to day-to-day operations.