ReThink Bioclean’s PRE-BS16 Cordless Knapsack Multi-Sprayer is lightweight and versatile. It o!ers
the convenience of a go anywhere rechargeable carry sprayer without any need to pump the
machine. All you have to do is fill the tank and switch it on.

The shoulder harness is strong, rugged and padded. The ergonomic tank design matches the
contours of the human body to make it ultra comfortable to wear. In order to reduce fatigue from
long days spent spraying, the trigger features a locking function to make it e!ortless and easy.


The PRE-BS16 has a built-in rechargeable SLA battery and is supplied with an automatic battery
charger. The sprayer has an on board volt meter to display how much power is left in the machine
and features an audible low battery warning alarm.


To help prevent foreign matter entering the tank, a removable strainer is included in the neck to
capture any solid materials. This helps keep the sprayer working at its optimum and prolongs the
working life of the pump.


To reduce fatigue from holding the trigger over longer periods of time, the trigger can be engaged
to hold the trigger open and keep the sprayer operational until deactivated.


Adjust the spraying pressure easily with the variable control knob as desired making it ideal for
spraying in di!erent environments.