OneTabTM PRO+ P9 is are cleaning disinfection tablets for use on all surfaces.
Suitable for disinfecting tools, equipment, containers and all washable
surfaces. Can be used in food and beverage industry, medical sectors, logistics,
agriculture and gardening. Does not contain chlorine. Not for use on semi
critical and critical medical devices.
1 tablet in 1 L of water: 8660 ppm Sodium Peracetate
1 tablet in 5 L of water: 1730 ppm Sodium Peracetate
Active ingredient: sodiumpercarbonate 38%.
Directions: Dissolve 1 tablet in 5 litres of warm water (30 ̊C). Allow tablet to
dissolve completely for 5 min. Apply solution to surface. Let stand for 5-15 min.
(depending on degree of contamination). Rinse surface with clean water or
wipe with a clean cloth.
• Disinfectant
• Chlorine-free
• Appropriate for use in toilet bowls
• Efficient
• Easy to use
• Convenient
• Lightweight
• Cost effective