In times of crises, we must work towards maintaining a positive disposition, remaining proactive and staying productive all while avoiding panic and chaos. Humans are interesting, in the sense of our need and desire to stay connected. It is now more than ever that we must unite on a global scale to support one another to overcome this tragic encounter. The impact this contagion will have on the economy cannot be fully understood until the dust finally settles.
However, we do know that COVID-19 is affecting how we go about our day-to-day lives at home, socially and at the office.Though the Coronavirus has caused much hardship, we must focus on the silver lining—times of challenge create opportunities for us to strengthen our approach to similar or worse events in the future. Through times of crises we learn, we adapt, and we evolve, consequently stimulating the change necessary for us to grow. In our professional lives, we are sharply adjusting to conduct business in a way we have never done before, as our current situation is having a direct affect in all facets of business.
At SharpLight, we recognize the anxieties that service-based companies, such as medical aesthetic practices, are experiencing. Many are seeing an inevitable loss in revenue or have had to place a pause on operations to the worst of conditions, temporarily shutting their doors. During this time, we would like to extend our support to the medical aesthetic community by offering information and recommendations to strengthen your company’s core and prepare yourself for what’s to come tomorrow, today.
STOPPING THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 Many companies have had to make arrangements for employees to work from home, and although there are many benefits to working remotely, it is a sudden adjustment that requires keeping staff engaged and motivated. Consider hosting daily “check ins” by scheduling one-on-one meetings through online portals such as Skype, Zoom, Whereby and FaceTime. If you have recently incorporated new software to make working from home more productive, ask for your employees’ feedback to help in areas where they may have uncertainty. Remember to take a few moments during each meeting to discuss topics other than timelines and projects. Inquire about their family, and how they are managing their time. Another way to boost morale while stimulating productivity is to look for ways to create a team-oriented environment, even virtually.
Encourage your staff to communicate via video conferencing instead of conference calls—creating the essence of the office atmosphere.Maintain abundant communication with your team membersSHARPTIP Keep your clients apprised of your current operations by sending emails or short, concise newsletters or blogs. Let them know the measures you are taking to be socially responsible by protecting their health and well being, as well as your staff. Communicate the heightened precautions you are implementing to avoid the spread of the virus whether it be an increase in protocols for disinfecting and cleanliness, reduced hours, imposing staff to self-quarantine should they be experiencing any symptoms, as well as sending notifications of temporary closures.