Custodial Supplies and Equipment

Custodial Supplies and Equipment Program


The CT105 is one of the most simple automatic scrubbers on the market because of its minimal electronics.

Key Features of the CT105 Automatic Scrubbers Include:

  • Constant flow technology so the operator has full control of the water flow
  • Large brush head for faster, more productive cleaning
  • “Oversized” output of dirt
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The 1404 Ride-On Vacuum Sweeper features a wide range of accessories and is the largest sweeper that IPC Eagle offers.

Some Key Features Include:

  • 2 self- cleaning filter system, therefore leaving a dust-free environment
  • A wide variety of accessories
  • Self-Leveling System (SLS) to help maintain constant pressure
  • Can clean up to 113,000 square feet an hour, as well as up a 20% incline
  • No Debris in Curve (NDC) system that moves brushes when turning to help collect more dirt
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The LP is a dry vacuum with a design for everyday cleaning of floors and carpeting.

Key Features of the LP dry vacuum include:

  • Bumpers to protect from doors and walls
  • Integrated cord wrap
  • Stair-step positions
  • Eco- motor that reduces energy consumption
  • Motor can can last up to 800 hours without loss of performance
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CLEANO Window Cleaning Tools & Equipment

The Cleano Systems, available in 1′ ,2′, 5′ 10′, 25′ and 35′ models, are glass cleaning tools with a design to clean indoor surfaces.

Key Features of the Cleano Include:

  • Built-in sanitization globe that eliminates the need of constantly spraying chemicals, thus reducing labor by 50%
  • Can clean up to 35′ safely from the ground when used together with telescopic poles
  • When coupled with microfiber, can clean chemical-free, reducing and streaks in windows
  • Ergonomic handle with an articulated joint so the operator can reach surfaces that would be otherwise difficult to clean
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ONE FRAME Microfiber Tools & Carts

The ONE frame, part of a microfiber mop system, fits all 18″mops on the market with flaps.

Key Features of the ONE Frame Include:

  • No contact with the mop due to the foot releasing button
  • Prevention of cross-contamination while using the plastic tab color coding system
  • Locking and unlocking mechanism of the joint so that the operator can clean vertical surfaces easily.
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FM 17 Floor Machines & Burnishers

With its all metal construction, stainless steel brush cover and steel triple planetary gear boxes and powerful motor, the FM17 Floor Machine can handle any sized job, while remaining surprisingly smooth and quiet.

Key Features of the FM17 Floor Machine Include:

  • Quick and easy handle adjustment
  • Anti-fatigue design
  • PVC bumper therefore preventing any marks on walls and furniture
  • Easy transportation due to large rear wheels
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BX12 Extractors

The BX12 Commercial Carpet Extractor is a self-containing extractor that offers portability, ease of operation and high performance.

Key Features of the BX12 include:

  • Powerful 150 psi pump and dual vacuum motors with 150″ water lift providing a significantly improved cleaning
  • Available with or without a built-in heater
  • Exceptional portability due to its compact design at only 78 pounds
  • Ensured safety because of sealed waterproof switches inset at the top of the handle
  • Stair climbing handle and ten inch rear wheels for easy transport
  • Cleans stairs and upholstery with optional tools
  • High dump for easy emptying into a five gallon bucket
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